Alutec Oy is a full-service company specialising in aluminium and glass construction. We are responsible for the entire creation process of our products – from the design all the way to installation and final inspections.

New horizons in durable aluminium construction

The customer is our priority. When a customer contacts us, we offer them services starting from professional sales and going all the way to the end of the warranty period – and beyond! Our comprehensive service aims to meet all of the customer’s needs and wants related to glass and aluminium construction.g.

For customer

Our work is based on customer-driven, comprehensive deliveries that make construction easier for the customer: all aluminium and glass structures that you need, including balcony glazing and railings, terrace glazing, aluminium doors and fire doors, glass facades and glass walls, will be delivered directly by us. 

Our customer base mainly consists of construction companies that we serve all around Finland. We have over fourty years of experience in the industry, which guarantees that the quality of our products is high.

Respecting the environment

Respecting and protecting the environment is a prerequisite for the continuity of life. That’s why our goal is to be environmentally friendly in our different areas of activity.

Our main raw material is an environmentally friendly and durable aluminium, which gives our products a long lifecycle. During production, we only use corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly materials that do not contain any substances that would be harmful to the environment.

Thanks to unit optimisation, the amount of material that is wasted during the production process is very low. We sort and recycle even this small amount of waste material in order to protect the environment.

We look after our own

Every one of our employees is needed to produce high-quality and functional Alutec products. We take care of their comfort and well-being, which enables us to carry out future projects successfully as well. 

Our employees are trained and motivated to do their jobs. In addition to precise planning and production work, employees are responsible for packing products in a way that ensures that they are clean and intact once they reach the site. Our own installers and the installation companies we use ensure that products are installed safely.

This all adds up to an Alutec product that we are proud to deliver to our customers.