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For terraces

Alutec’s terrace products take relaxing at home to the next level. Our extensive range of terrace products allows us to build exactly the kind of terrace that you want. Every home and family is different. Our expert retailers are located all around Finland, and they will take into consideration the special characteristics of your home as well as your wishes regarding your terrace.

Terrace glazing

Glazing makes year-round use of the terrace possible. It makes the weather a less important factor, which, in turn, opens up entirely new uses for the terrace. Glazing prevents the wind, snow, dust or dirt from reaching the terrace. Terrace glazing also reduces noise and protects furniture and terrace structures.

Terrace glazings

Alutec 5

Sideways-sliding, overlapping terrace glazing

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Alutec 5 on sivulle limittäin liukuva terassi- ja parvekelasitus

Alutec 3

Traditional inward-turning vertical frameless

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Alutec 3 parvekelasitus tekee parvekkeestasi mahtavan maisemahuoneen
Glass terraces

Glass terrace

An entirely new living room-like glass terrace can be created by combining our aluminium-framed Alutec Vista glass roof with our terrace glazing products. If necessary, a solid glazing or a railing with balcony glazing on top can be used in a part of the terrace.

Glass railings for terraces

Our product range also includes a free-standing glass railing suitable for terraces. The glass terrace railing can be used on open terraces and roof terraces to prevent falls.

Glass railings for terraces

Alutec Solid

Solid terrace glazing The glass elements of

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Alutec Solid -kiiinteä terassilasitus sopii hyvin yhteen Alutec 5 -terassilasituksen kanssa

Alutec Vista

Hight-quality and maintanance-free glass roof for

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Alutec Vista -lasikatto terassille

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