Alutec 3 parvekelasitus tekee parvekkeestasi mahtavan maisemahuoneen

Alutec 3

Traditional balcony glazing that turns your balcony into a great landscape room without vertical frames. Glazing adds comfort and enables the balcony to be used all year round.

Traditional inward-turning vertical frameless balcony glazing

The well-maintained and restrained Alutec 3 balcony glazing has excellent sliding properties and requires very little maintenance. Durable aluminum parts increase the service life of the product and improve safety. The careful design is emphasized by the fact that there are no visible screw or rivet fasteners in the product.

The individual glass elements of Alutec 3 glazing can be moved separately from each other. The glazing is easy to open and close. The glass elements slide pleasantly lightly, and no special force is needed to open the glazing. And since there is no vertical frame at all, the view is unobstructed even when the glazing is closed.

Alutec 3 on perinteinen sisäänpäin kääntyvä puitteeton parvekelasitus
Alutec 3 sopiii käytettäväksi myös täyskorkeana terassilasituksena

Alutec 3 as terrace glazing

Alutec 3 can also be implemented as full-height terrace glazing. It differs from the other from our vertical frameless terrace glazing Alutec 5 so that the entire glass opening can be opened. All glass elements are then slid onto the wall. Small gaps remain between the glass elements when the glazing is closed, which allows the terrace to be ventilated.

If there is, for example, a rail on the outside in front of the glazing, it is difficult to wash the glazing that overlaps on the sides. However, in Alutec 3 glazing, each glass element can be cleaned from both sides, because they can be turned inside the terrace one by one.

Alutec 3 is an overhead glazing

Since the Alutec 3 glazing hangs, i.e. has an upper support, the installation location of the upper rail must be chosen and checked carefully.

The traditional attachment point is the balcony tile on the upper side or the steel frame of the balcony roof. Alutec 3 is installed either on the railing or at full height on the terrace.

Alutec 3 puitteeton parvekelasitus on yläkantoinen
Alutec 3 -parvekelasitus on CE-merkitty tuote

Tested and CE-marked balcony glazing

Alutec 3 is tested and CE marked, and it can be installed on any type of balcony. A concrete, steel or aluminum railing can be used as a place to attach the bottom rail of the balcony glazing. Glass thickness of 6, 8 or 10 mm can be chosen.

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Well-maintained Alutec 3 glazing for balconies is sold by our expert dealers all over Finland. Arrange a free planning visit.

Technical information

  • Frameless overlapping sliding and inward-turning glazing, suitable for both balcony and terrace
  • The glazing uses 6-10 mm SFS EN 12150 tempered safety glass
    • glass strength is defined for each object separately and is affected by e.g. the site’s terrain class, glazing height and system width
    • in balcony glasses, the glass thicknesses are 6.8 and 10 mm
    • in terrace glasses, the glass thicknesses are 8 and 10 mm
    • maximum height with 10mm glass is 2750 mm
  • Overhead glazing
    • The installation location of the top rail must be selected and checked carefully
  • The adjustment profile guarantees quick and neat installation: no installation wedges or disturbing gaps are visible at the top edge of the glazing.
  • The system uses bearings, dust-protected and maintenance-free wheelsets
  • The plastic and rubber parts have been tested to be suitable for Nordic conditions
  • The fixing of the bottom rail and the water control are done in a controlled manner with the help of a water damper
  • Installation warranty 2 years
  • Product warranty 5 years
  • There are three standard colors in the profiles
    • RAL 7024 dark grey
    • RAL 9006 light gray
    • RAL 9010 white
Alutec 3 -parvekelasituksen pystyleikkauskuva
Altuec 3 vertical section view as balcony glazing

Operating and maintenance instructions

  • Alutec 3 balcony glazing is intended for continuous use. Glazing works better the more regularly the glasses are moved.
  • The lower profile groove should always be cleaned when washing the glasses
  • It is recommended to clean the glass surfaces from time to time with water and a standard window cleaner.
  • The profiles can be cleaned with water and a neutral detergent.
  • Abrasive substances and fabrics should be avoided to prevent scratching.