Alutec Elegance -tolpaton lasikaide parvekkeelle sopii niin kerros- kuin omakotitaloon

Alutec Elegance

Elegance – no-nonsense elegance. The design of the Alutec Elegance postless glass railing combines Scandinavian minimalism and technical functionality. Special attention has been paid to the design of the handrail to optimize the unobstructed view from the balcony: the innermost visible surface is only 10mm high.

Glass balustrade for the balcony

The Alutec Elegance postless glass railing for the balcony can be implemented on one, two or even three sides of the balcony without the need for corner posts. If the maximum attachment distance is exceeded, the railing can be extended by adding an intermediate attachment point. Intermediate fastening takes place with an additional support included in the railing system.

The Elegance balcony railing can be fixed on top of the tile and it is possible to cover the front edge of the tile with a cover profile that is part of the railing system. Another option is to attach the lower guide of the handrail to the front surface of the tile, in which case the glass also covers the front surface of the tile. It is possible to install a telescopic profile between the tile and the glass, so the front surface of the tile does not need to be painted or maintained.

The appearance of the handrail can be influenced, for example, by changing the width of the glass: it is possible to use glasses up to 2 meters wide in the handrail. This way, there are fewer gaps in the glass and sound insulation is also improved.

Alutec Elegance on tolpaton lasikaide parvekkeelle
Elegance-parvekekaiteessa käytetään 4+4 laminoitua turvalasia

Balcony railing glass options

In the Elegance balcony railing, I can use 4+4 laminated safety glass. Laminated glass breaks like regular glass, but the plastic film holds the glass shards in place. This way, even if the glass breaks, it remains a single plate, protecting it from falling through.

The Alutec Elegance balustrade does not use separate glass fasteners, so the appearance remains intact.

With different colored films laminated between the glass, it is possible to influence the appearance, coverage and sun protection of the railing. For example, opal glass provides vision protection, and patterned glass provides variety.

Fixing the Elegance railing

The width of the Elegance hand rail is 172 mm or 200 mm and the width of the bottom rail is 128 mm. The width of the flat part of the edge of the balcony tile must be at least 110 mm, so that the edge distance of the attachment is fulfilled, and there is no danger of the concrete splitting. The Elegance railing is attached to the balcony curtain walls (concrete or steel) and to the balcony tile with the wall brackets included in the profile system.

Alutec Elegance on tolpaton lasikaide
Alutec Elegance -parvekekaiteen päälle voidaan asentaa Alutec-parvekelasitus

Connecting to balcony glazing

It is possible to install, for example, on top of the Alutec Elegance balcony railing Alutec 3 balcony glazing. The Elegance handrail is designed in such a way that the water flowing from the balcony glazing is directed outwards.

The inside dimension of the Elegance handrail is very low – only 10 mm. This gives a very low impression with the lower profile of the balcony glazing and fades the beam-like structure when looking out from the balcony.

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Alutec Elegance balcony railings are sold by our trained dealers all over Finland. Arrange a free planning visit.

Technical information

  • A pillarless railing for the balcony
  • The railing uses 4+4 laminated safety glass

Maximum spans

The location of the balcony in the buildingML 0ML 2ML 3
Central area3.9 m4.1 m4.4 m
Corner area4.1 m4.3 m4.5 m

The maximum spans of the Alutec Elegance railing in different terrain categories, the location of the balcony at a height of max. 10 m

Alutec Elegance -parvekekaiteen leikkauskuva