Kotimaiset Alutec-parvekelasitukset mahdollistavat parvekkeen ympärivuotisen käytön ja tekevät siitä viihtyisän maisemahuoneen.

Balcony glazing

Alutec’s Finnish balcony glazing products will turn your balcony into a comfortable room with a view and make it usable throughout the year. Balcony glazing protects the balcony from dust, rain, snow, wind and noise. It also makes the balcony safer to use.

Balcony glazing turns a balcony into a comfortable extra room

Balcony glazing gives your home a nice extra space throughout the year. The glass panes can be opened in the summer to prevent the temperature on the balcony from getting too high. Sunny summer days can be enjoyed despite the heat.

In autumn, the closed glazing keeps out the wind and rain. If an additional heater is used, even the cold air is not a problem, and the balcony can be used for an even longer period of time, until late autumn.

In winter, balcony furniture does not need to be placed in a separate storage space. Outdoor furniture can be left on the balcony without any issues. This also allows for more freedom in decorating the balcony, 

Balcony glazing turns a balcony into a comfortable extra room
Use your balcony safely and privately with glazings

Use your balcony safely and privately

Balcony glazing also makes the balcony safer to use. Children and pets can be allowed to use the balcony without any worries, and putting young children to sleep on the balcony is also safer. In first-floor apartments, storing items on the balcony is risk-free, because the glazing is locked and, thus, an effective deterrent against theft and vandalism.

The glazing reduces traffic noise and thus increases comfort in apartments located in areas with heavy traffic. Glazing can also add privacy, when different kinds of glass and curtains are used.

Alutec balcony glazing fits almost every balcony

Balcony glazing products are versatile and thus a good fit for very different kinds of apartment buildings. Balcony glazing products are always custom made, and the parts are designed and manufactured specifically to suit conditions in Finland.

Alutec ​balcony glazing products can be installed on almost any kind of balcony. Suitable mounting surfaces are concrete, steel, wood and, for example, Alutec’s balcony railings

Alutec balcony glazing fits almost every balcony

High-quality Alutec balcony glazing products are sold by our trained retailers all over Finland. Schedule a free evalution with our nearest retailer.

How to buy balcony glazing

Contact us

Contact our nearest retailer and schedule a free evaluation..

Designing the glazing and drafting a quote

Our retailer will design a balcony glazing solution in accordance with your wishes while taking the specific requirements of your home into account. You will be given a quote for the glazing.

Manufacturing and installation

The balcony glazing will be manufactured at our factory in Ylivieska, Finland. Our retailer will install the balcony glazing at the agreed on time. The installation will take one to three days.


You will now be able to enjoy your new observation room! Our retailers will provide instructions on how to use and maintain the glazing. If there is a need to adjust profiles or fix other parts of the glazing after installation, our retailers will be happy to assist you.

Our balcony glazing options

Alutec 3

Traditional inward-turning vertical frameless

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Alutec 3 parvekelasitus tekee parvekkeestasi mahtavan maisemahuoneen

Alutec 5

Sideways-sliding, overlapping terrace glazing

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Alutec 5 on sivulle limittäin liukuva terassi- ja parvekelasitus

Compatible products

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