Alutec 5 on sivulle limittäin liukuva terassi- ja parvekelasitus

Alutec 5

Unimpeded views – great vibes! The Alutec 5 terrace glazing solution is the first Finnish glazing product with sideways-sliding glass panes and no vertical framework. It can be used as both balcony glazing and terrace glazing. The Alutec 5 terrace glazing product is a very easy to use, discreet type of glazing, which leaves the view to the outside completely unobstructed. When the glass panes are closed, the lack of a vertical framework guarantees that there is nothing blocking the view.

Sideways-sliding, overlapping terrace glazing with no vertical framework

When the glass panes are opened, Alutec 5 glazing does not take up any space on the terrace, unlike glazing that opens inwards. The glass panes opened by sliding the panes sideways. The glass elements will only move sideways on the rails – they will not open inwards towards the terrace at all. Therefore, the terrace can be decorated without needing to worry about the terrace glazing. The glass panes can be opened from either edge or even the middle, which is the best spot on the terrace. The rails are very low, and for full-height glazing, the bottom rail can be fully embedded in the terrace floor. This means that the border between the glazed and unglazed terrace will be barely noticeable.

Sideways-sliding, overlapping terrace glazing with no vertical framework
Alutec 5 frameless glazing as balcony glazing

Alutec 5 frameless glazing as balcony glazing

Alutec 5 glazing can be combined with Alutec balcony railings or, for example, installed on top of concrete guardrails. This means that the glazing product is suitable for new buildings and buildings undergoing renovation.

The technical details of the Alutec 5 balcony glazing product guarantee that the balcony glazing lasts as long as possible and requires very little maintenance.

Additional protection from sealing terrace glass

When the glass elements of the glazing product are closed, they overlap slightly. This overlapping protects the terrace from rain and debris. Clear, discreet moldings or light aluminium moldings can be added to seal the gaps between the glass elements.

Additional protection from sealing terrace glass
Glass options for Alutec 5 terrace glazing

Glass options for Alutec 5 terrace glazing

The thickness of the glass used for Alutec 5 terrace glazing is always either 8 mm or 10 mm, depending on the height of the glass panes and the requirements of the property. 6 mm glass can also be used for balcony glazing. Instead of clear glass, it is possible to use etched glass or so-called milk glass to provide more privacy. A grey or bronze Antisun glass, on the other hand, protects from sunlight.

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High-quality Alutec 5 glazing solutions for balconies and terraces are sold by our trained retailers all over Finland. Schedule a free evalution with our nearest retailer.

Technical information

  • The glazing uses 6–10 mm toughened safety glass in accordance with standard SFS EN 12150
    • the thickness of the glass is determined separately for each property, and it is affected by e.g. the property’s terrain category, the height of the glass panes and the width of the system
    • for balcony glazing, thicknesses are 6, 8 and 10 mm
    • for terrace glazing, thicknesses are 8 and 10 mm
    • the maximum height of 10 mm glass is 2800 mm
    • the recommended width of the sliding glass is 600–1000mm, and the maximum width is 1200 mm
  • Bottom-supported glazing with a 4-rail top and bottom profile
    • For full-height terrace glazing, it must be ensured that the bottom rail of the glazing is always installed on a surface that is unaffected by ground frost and sufficiently stable, such as a concrete slab
  • Profiles are available in three standard colours:
    • RAL 7024 dark grey
    • RAL 9006 light grey
    • RAL 9010 white
    • can be painted in any shade on the RAL colour chart
  • Drainage in bottom rail
  • Bearing-mounted, dust-protected and permanently lubricated running gears
  • The plastic and rubber parts have been tested to ensure their suitability for Nordic conditions
  • The bottom rail can be completely embedded in e.g. the terrace’s grate
Alutec 5 terassi- ja parvekelasituksen poikkileikkauskuva
  • Two different locking options
    • bottom rail
    • opening height
  • Handles that can be embedded in glass are available for terrace glazing
  • Curtain rail profiles and curtains can be ordered as accessories
  • CE marked product. Tested to a height of 2800 mm.
  • Installation and product guarantee 2 years

Use and maintenance instructions

  • Moving the glass panes regularly improves the usability of the glazing
  • For cleaning purposes, the linking of the glass panes can be dismantled by moving the opened panes of glass entirely to one side of the opening and then moving the glass elements individually starting from the outer edge towards the open gap
  • Both the inside and outside surfaces of each individual glass element can be washed
  • An extension pole allows balcony glazing to also be easily washed from both sides.
  • Cleaning the bottom profile groove while washing the glass is recommended. It is also a good idea to check that the drainage holes have not been blocked by conifer needles, for example.