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Alutec Premium

Technical information

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Alutec Premium – Premium tason lasitus terassille

Alutec Vista

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Alutec Vista -lasikatto terassille

Alutec Dense

Graceful profiles Dense’s profiles are high quality and allow even large individual glass elements to be installed. This enables us to cover as much of the opening with glass while avoiding distracting profiles, despite the vertical framework. The width of…

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Lasiterassin ostajan opas

Alutec Solid

Combine with terrace glazing that can be opened Alutec Solid glazing can easily be used on terraces together with terrace glazing that can be opened, such as Alutec 5. The profile design is similar in style to the profile design…

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Alutec Solid -kiiinteä terassilasitus sopii hyvin yhteen Alutec 5 -terassilasituksen kanssa

Vekki blinds for the terrace and balcony

Compatible products

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Alutec 5

Alutec 5 frameless glazing as balcony glazing Alutec 5 glazing can be combined with Alutec balcony railings or, for example, installed on top of concrete guardrails. This means that the glazing product is suitable for new buildings and buildings undergoing…

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Alutec 5 on sivulle limittäin liukuva terassi- ja parvekelasitus

Alutec 3

Technical information Operating and maintenance instructions

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Alutec 3 parvekelasitus tekee parvekkeestasi mahtavan maisemahuoneen

Alutec Elegance

Technical information Maximum spans The location of the balcony in the building ML 0 ML 2 ML 3 Central area 3.9 m 4.1 m 4.4 m Corner area 4.1 m 4.3 m 4.5 m The maximum spans of the Alutec…

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Alutec Elegance -tolpaton lasikaide parvekkeelle sopii niin kerros- kuin omakotitaloon

Alutec Classic Emma

Technical information The Alutec Classic Emma railing’s handrail options: 1A: KJ-11228 The Alutec Classic Emma railing’s other profiles and parts: 2: Railing post KT7034 3: Glass profile  LP3224sV Flashing directs water away from the front surface of the slab.

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Alutec Emma on tolpallinen alumiini-lasikaide, joka soveltuu sekä suojakaiteeksi parvekkeelle että kaiteeksi avoterassille