Vekki blinds for the terrace and balcony

Alutec parveke- ja terassikaihtimet

Balcony and terrace blinds are an easy and decorative option to protect your balcony or terrace from the sun and prying eyes. 

Our selection includes two different fabric roller blinds for a glazed balcony or terrace. Several fabric and color options are available for both options.

  • Plain simple Pleated curtain
  • A Duette curtain that effectively isolates heat, which is only available for Alutec 5 glazing

Fixing Alutec balcony and terrace curtains

Alutec vekkikaihtimet terassille

Attaching Alutec blinds to Alutec 5 glazing

In Alutec 5 glazing, the curtain is attached to the curtain rail profile attached to the upper guide. The curtain can thus be moved freely to exactly the desired position in the glazing opening.

Curtains can be placed on rails, if necessary, for the entire width of the glazing opening, or alternatively, one curtain that can be moved according to the sun.

The use of curtains does not prevent the opening of the terrace glazing, and they do not have visible string attachments.

Alutec 3 -parvekelasituksen vekkikaihtimet

Attaching the Alutec balcony curtain to the Alutec 3 glazing

In Alutec 3 glazing, the curtain is attached to each glass element with its own fasteners. It is quick to fasten the curtains with fasteners, and fixing the curtains does not require drilling into the profiles. Each curtain can be opened and closed separately and they are moved along with the glass elements.

Curtains can also be installed on a sloping surface, for example on the inside of a skylight.

Compatible products

Alutec Solid

Solid terrace glazing The glass elements of

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Alutec Solid -kiiinteä terassilasitus sopii hyvin yhteen Alutec 5 -terassilasituksen kanssa

Alutec 3

Traditional inward-turning vertical frameless

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Alutec 3 parvekelasitus tekee parvekkeestasi mahtavan maisemahuoneen

Alutec 5

Sideways-sliding, overlapping terrace glazing

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Alutec 5 on sivulle limittäin liukuva terassi- ja parvekelasitus